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Get Paid

The right mix of Clover POS hardware and software to take credit cards, EMV chip and contactless payments from customers, safely and securely


Sell More

Clover gives merchants the tools to increase sales with both their new and existing customers


Run Your Business

Timesheets, payroll, marketing, accounting, and More! Handle all the tasks that merchants like you don’t have time for, all in one place

Point-of-Sale Systems

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Ramp up your system with best-in-class POS apps,

so you can do more with your business than you ever imagined. 

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Cash Discount App

From the Must Have apps to the industry specific apps, the Clover App Market has apps to not only help run your business, but allow your business to get the cutting edge it needs to compete in today’s market.

Clover Security


Deeper Level of Data Security

Multi-Layered, State-of-the-Art Security & Compliance Solution

End-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, locked-down operating system and mutually authenticated SSL, all built into your POS Systems.


Accept All Payments

Helps to protect many types of payment options, including mobile payments

Protection for all of your payment types from swipe cards, EMV® chip cards and even mobile payments. 


Minimize Liability

Easy and cost-effective way to increase protection for customer’s data and business

Up to $100,000 for card associated costs per location (max 5) in the event of data breach (may not apply to all client accounts, subject to. terms and conditions). 

Why Clover?

A Clover Point-of-Sale System makes running your business a breeze – whether you manage a restaurant, brick-and-mortar retail shop, eCommerce store, or service business. Use our all-in-one, tailored POS system to manage every aspect of your growing venture – accepting payments to organizing inventory to managing your team. All at your fingertips – anytime and anywhere.

The primary function of a POS system is to process credit and debit card payments, as well as record cash and check payments. These systems also track sales and can generate reports to help you better understand trends and peak sales periods. In addition, nearly every POS uses your transaction data to help manage your inventory, letting you know when you’re running low.

Depending on which system you select, you may have access to a number of additional tools. For example, your POS system can help you with staff scheduling, online order management, customer engagement including loyalty programs and targeted promotions, and even games. While your POS might not be able to control room temperature or play your favorite music (at least, not yet), it can help you be more efficient in nearly every aspect of managing your business.