Clover Station Duo 2

Run your business with a fast and secure point-of-sale system, the Clover Station Duo 2. Taking smart terminals to a new level, Clover has made it easy to offer rewards, capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept just about every mobile payment type. Fast, engaging, and secure. Welcome to the Clover Station Duo 2.

Clover Station Duo
Let Them Drive

The Clover Station Duo comes with a smart terminal for your customers. That means they can confirm their orders and complete payment faster.

Move at the Speed of Now

The Clover Station Duo is our fastest, most powerful POS system. From inventory and orders to managing your staff and running reports, it’s all at your fingertips.

All the Colors of the Payment Rainbow

Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Swipe, dip, or tap. Credit or debit. NFC payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay and more. Now twice as fast.

Next Level Security

Protect your business and customer information with end-to-end encryption and data tokenization, integrated EMV chip sensors, and fingerprint logins.

Clover Station Duo for Restaurants

Your Full-Service Restaurant POS

Get the POS system designed for fast casual, full service, and quick service restaurants. 

Manage your menu, and take orders and payments as fast as your customers expect. 

Allow customers to place orders and pay online. 

Connect front to back of house. 

Manage your team, run promotions and gift card programs, and pull sales and end of day reports.


Clover Station Duo for Retail

A Powerful POS to Run and Grow Your Business

Run your entire shop on a single smart POS. 

Manage inventory and keep track of stock.

Accept payments at the touch of a button.

Handle returns and exchanges.

Oversee your staff and run sales reports.