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Clover App Market

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More Than 200 Apps
To Help Run Your Business

With more than 200 apps at your disposal on the Clover App Market, ramp up your Clover system with best-in-class POS apps, so you can do more with your business than you ever imagined. 

Business Must Haves

No matter your industry, these apps will help you tackle even the trickiest tasks associated with running a business. 

Clover App Market Order Paper

Order Paper

Order Paper allows you to order paper with just three clicks! All you have to do is choose quantity and confirm your shipping address and paper will be shipped to your door. You are billed through the app so there is no need to even enter in your payment information!

Clover App Market Davo Sales

DAVO Sales Tax

DAVO Sales Tax automatically sets your sales tax aside daily using sales data from Clover®. DAVO then files and pays sales tax to the state, on time and in full. 

Clover App Market QuickBooks Sync

QuickBooks by Commerce Sync

Commerce Sync is your automated bookkeeper, transferring your sales into QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero on a nightly basis. This saves time and allows you to get back to what you do best – run your business.

Apps for Payroll

Payroll made easy. If you have just one employee or 50, the Clover App Market has many great options. 

Clover App Market Gusto

Payroll by Gusto

Gusto makes payroll easy and affordable. That’s the reason more than 100,000 small businesses nationwide choose Gusto. Gusto is directly integrated with Clover®.

Clover App Market Paychex

Payroll & Time Clock

Paychex makes it simple to run your business. It’s why more than 680,000 customers rely on our services to help with HR and payroll – we pay 1 in 12 private-sector workers in the U.S. – and we’re continuously innovating to provide next-level solutions.

Clover App Market Dolce

Dolce Labor Center

Schedule in Minutes

Review & Correct Time Punches, Real-time, from the Schedule Compare Projections and Actuals, with Real-time Sales Data, Right from the Schedule!

Tip distribution, labor compliance (track breaks), and One Click payroll integration with ADP and others.

Apps for Marketing

Clover offers best-in-class apps that will help you get in front of your customers and watch your business thrive. 


Yelp for Business Owners

The Yelp for Business Owners app allows you to view important business analytics and connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for your business. This app puts the power of Yelp’s tools right in your pocket!



Pointy helps shoppers find you by displaying your products on surfaces across Google including the Business Profile, Maps, and Search. This gives your products a better chance of showing up in product-related searches on Google. Pointy also lets you run product ads on Google for all your products in two clicks to help shoppers find you.

Clover App Markey Mailchimp

Abreeze Link for MailChimp

Abreeze Link automatically sends transaction and customer information from your Clover® POS to your MailChimp lists. This allows for email marketing automation and rich segmentation by items purchased, category purchased, amount spent, and much more. Email customers like never before! Abreeze Link will bring your existing customers back for more!

Apps for Customer Engagement

Clover gives you the tools to reach out to existing customers, attract new ones and create deeper relationships with them all. 


Rewards by Clover®

Keep your regular customers coming back. Create a simple, custom loyalty program within minutes — absolutely free, no strings attached. Clover® keeps track of everything so you don’t have to. 

Customers by Clover®

View customer information, transaction history and marketing preferences. This app is a great place to start phone orders.

Promos by Clover®

Send real-time promotions directly to customers by email, text message and more. 

Restaurant Apps

Apps for the front of house staff, apps for the kitchen. The Clover App Market has apps for all of your restaurant’s needs. 

Clover® Dining

Clover® Dining is purpose-built to work seamlessly with your Clover® hardware. Create five-star customer experiences, ensure smooth staff communication, transact securely, and do it all fast. Get ready for the point-of-sale that empowers you to run your restaurant just as you imagined.

Clover App Market Chef tab

ChefTab KDS Interface

ChefTab is an industry leading Kitchen Display system that offers both touchscreen and bump bar functionality for the most hostile environments. It’s as easy as installing a kitchen printer yet offers high level functionality for all locations from quick serve to fast casual and table serve.


Restaurant365 Integration

Use this app to connect Clover® POS to Restaurant365. Restaurant365 is a complete restaurant management solution including Accounting, Inventory, Scheduling, Dashboards & Reporting.

Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Digital menus are an entertaining and efficient way to showcase the latest offerings in your restaurant, coffee shop, auto dealer, or service desk. And by integrating directly with your Clover® Point of Sale System, our app provides you with a true hands-off digital signage experience!


Waitlist Me

Waitlist Me is a waitlist management application for restaurants and other businesses that uses text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn. Say good bye to paper waitlists and clunky buzzer systems. Waitlist Me is the easiest and most effective way to manage a waitlist and reservations. 

Apps for Retail Stores

Inventory, label printing, and more. The Clover App Market has apps for all of your store’s needs. 

Thrive by Shop

Thrive by Shopventory

Shopventory is the premium inventory management and business analytics solution for Clover®. 

Clover Stock


The Stock app enables you to track product quantity and purchase orders. It shows you the available quantity, expiration date, and sales history for each product.

Easy Labels

The Easy Labels app enables you to print each product’s UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13 or EAN-8 barcode, price, unit, and name on labels to help you manage your Clover® inventory and make customer checkout fast and efficient. It can generate UPC-A code for your own product.

Apps for Professional Services

No matter how you serve your customers, the Clover App Market has apps to help you run your day to day operations and apps to help improve the experience of your customers. 

Invoice ASAP

Invoice ASAP

Manage customers, generate reports and get invoicing that syncs with accounting. 

Salon Scheduler

Salon Scheduler

Schedule your weekly appointments and times per employee and per service. 

Appointment pro

Appointment Pro

Manage customer appointments for your business. Integrated with Google Calendar.